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Rabu, 11 Januari 2012

Pendaftaran Member Rahasia Sukses Clickbank

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Kamis, 29 September 2011

Thousand Islands, They Have More

Thousand Islands - Jakarta, Indonesia
Thousand Islands
Thousand Islands or Kepulauan Seribu is an administrative district in the Special Capital Region of Jakarta, Indonesia. Its area covers the archipelago in the Bay of Jakarta.
Thousand Islands is an archipelago located in the north of Jakarta, directly facing the bay of Jakarta. The number of the island is not exactly 1000 but only about 342 islands, including the sand island and coral reefs. The Sand island and the coral reef itself is around 158. Not all islands which included in the Thousand Islands group are inhabited. Like many other islands in Indonesia, most of the islands in the Thousand Islands are uninhabited. These islands have potential chance for developing various kinds of industries, including mining, for the most important.
The administrative center is located at Scout Island or Pulau Pramuka which begin functioned as the district administration since 2003.
The major inhabitant in Thousand Islands are Muslim and generally come from the tribe of Betawi, Bugis, Banten and Madura.
There are some islands that become the most destination for tourist who want to spend the time and take holidays. Those islands are: Pulau Kahyangan, Pulau Pabelokan, Pulau Bidadari, Pulau Onrust, Pulau Edam, Pulau Kelor, Pulau Rambut, Pulau Anyer, Pulau Puteri, Pulau Matahari, Pulau Sepa, Pulau Pantara Barat dan Pantara Timur, Pulau Bira Besar (Bira Island), Pulau Kotok, Pulau Pelangi, Pulau Papa Theo, Pulau Laki, Pulau Pamagaran, Pulau Sabira, Pulau Saktu and Pulau Penike.
Other islands are sometimes visited for those who want to dive, like: Pulau Kotok
Pulau Papa Theo, Pulau Peniki, Pulau Matahari, Pulau Gosonglaga and Pulau Semak Daun.
Instead of the exotic view that appropriate to be the tourism destination, the flora and fauna in Thousand Islands are marvelous to be found in tropical country. They have exotic flora and fauna like coconut (Cocos nucifera), api api (Avicennia) and mangrove (Rhizophora), plants which are common in Thousand Islands is the coastal plants such as Calophyllum inophyllum (Calophyllum inophyllum), noni (Morinda citrifolia), hibiscus (Hibiscus tiliaceus), pandanus (Pandanus sp.), sea pine (Casuarina equisetifolia), butun (Barringtonia asiatica), bogem (Bruguiera sp.), almond (Terminalia cattapa), defeated (Cerbera odollam), and breadfruit (Artocarpus altilis).
Thousand Islands have two species of sea turtles which are protected; they are hawksbill turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata) and green turtle (Chelonia mydas). Others are lizard (Varanus salvator), Eagle (Haliastur indus), Burung pecuk ular (Anhinga anhinga), roko-roko (Plegadis falcneleus), King of a small blue shrimp (Halcyon chloris), Snake taliwangsa or snake gold ring (Boiga dendrophila) and Python.
And of course, they have many more.
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The New Paradise Of Tidung Island

The Path To Tidung Island - Kepulauan Seribu, Jakarta
Tidung Island
Tidung island is one of Kelurahan or the smaller sub-district in Thousand archipelago or Kepualuan Seribu. This island is divided into two islands which is Tidung Besar island and Tidung Kecil island.
Between Tuding Besar and Tuding Kecil is connected by the bridge which is located in west side Thousand island, the distance is about 3 hours away from Muara Angke by boat.
Tidung island has only 200 meters wide, with a length of about 5 km, and surrounded by shallow beach overgrown with coral and white shades that look beautifully. Tidung Island is a unique place, especially for marine tourism and diving. The coral reef ecosystems in this island is still virgin and good enough, especially when snorkeling or diving activities in the edge area . The research activities are also often done in this area. This beach does not have big waves because the cluster of corals and coral reefs around the beach are able to withstand the waves, it is safe enough for swimming.
Tidung island was inhabited by the local groups since the Dutch colonial era. It was mentioned that when Fatahillah invaded Malacca, he and his troops use of existing islands in the Bay of Jakarta as a place to set the strategy. One of the island was named Tidung Island, meaning the shelter island.
This island is inhabited by more than three thousands head of the family. Most of the inhabitants are fishermen.
The New Paradise is here on this island
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Betawi People, A Big Salad Bowl

Ondel-Ondel Betawi - Jakarta, Indonesia Ondel-Ondel Betawi - Jakarta, Indonesia
Betawi People
Betawi or Batavian is Jakarta indigenous people who are exist because of marriage from some ethnic groups in the past.
The Betawis are mostly descended from various Southeast Asian ethnic groups, Portuguese and Dutch plus Arab, Chinese and Indian brought to or attracted to Batavia to meet labour needs, including people from various parts of Indonesia.
The history remain that Betawi ethnic was being form by 1815-1893. In the Dutch colonial era, the governments always did the census, which was based on the nation or ethnic group. In census data Jakarta in 1615 and 1815, there was residents from different ethnic groups, but no record about Betawi ethnic group.
In 1930, the category of Betawi people who previously did not exist in fact emerged as a new category in the census data. The number of people as much as 778,953 lives and Batavia became the majority population of Batavia at that time.
Basically, the consciousness as the Betawi ethnic group in early formation was also not formed yet. In everyday interactions, they more often call themselves based on the locality where they live, like people Kemayoran, Senen people, or people Rawabelong.
The recognition of the existence of the Betawi people as an ethnic group and as a social and political unit within a wider scope, was newly emerged in 1923, when Husni Thamrin, who is the community leaders established Perkoempoelan Kaoem Betawi. They also finally realize that they are a faction, they are Betawi people.
After Indonesia independent day, Jakarta flooded with immigrants from all over Indonesia, so that the Betawi living as a minority ethnic group. They are increasingly pushed to the periphery, even being evicted and displaced out of Jakarta.
Mixed nature of the Betawi dialect is a reflection of Betawi culture in general, which is the marriage of various cultures, both originating from other areas in the archipelago as well as foreign cultures. Although the formal language that being used in Jakarta is Indonesian, the language of informal or daily conversation language is Indonesian Betawi dialect.
In art, Betawi is famous with their Lenong, Gambang Kromong, Rebana Tanjidor and Keroncong. Those particular art are coming from different ethnic that being formed by Betawi society.
Overall, Betawi is like a big salad bowl contain of some fresh qualified mix vegetable that pure and generous. The best of anything are inside the bowl.
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Bidadari Island is the Angel itself

Bidadari Island - Thousan Islands, Indonesia
Bidadari Island
Bidadari Island is one of resort in Thousand Islands regency or Kepualuan Seribu, Jakarta. Before it known as Bidadari Island, it has two names, which was, Sakit island and Purmerend island. Bidadari in Bahasa Indonesia means Angel or fairy.
In the 17th century, this island was an island of Onrust supporting activities because it is situated not far from it. Since becoming supporter, it was built on the island some supporting facilities. For instance, in 1679, the VOC was build a hospital for leprosy which is the transfer from Angke. Therefore, this island had called Sick Island or Pulau Sakit.
At the same time, the Dutch founded forts supervisors. This fort was built to conduct oversight of defense from enemy attacks. Before the island was occupied by Dutch, the Ambon and Dutch people have lived on this island.
Around the year 1800, the British fleet attacked the island and destroyed the buildings on the island. Around the year 1803 the Dutch was return and occupied this island and rebuild the building again. However, the British again attacked in 1806, Onrust Island and Bidadari Island and other islands was falling apart. Year 1827 the island was re-built by the Dutch people involving workers Tionghoa and prisoners. The building was a dormitory built for pilgrims who serves until 1933.
This island, before becoming a resort it was vacant and uninhabited until the year of 1970. Even more it never been visited. In the early 1970s, PT Seabreez manage this island to be used as a tourist resort.
Since the year 1970 this, to attract visitors, the island was renamed Bidadari Island. The reasons for taking its name to Bidadari Angel Island was inspired from the name of the other islands in Pulau Seribu like Pulau Putri or Princess Island and Pulau Nirwana or Nirwana Island.
For several years of conduction Pulau Bidadari Resort has become one of the marine tourism destinations in Kepulauan Seribu which the people are very interested to visit and as a national tourism asset, especially for those who are living in around Jakarta and West Java.
The closest location with Marina Ancol beach with the distance less than 15 km. it take 20 minutes by speed boat, arriving at safety, silent and lonely place which is ideal for forgetting the crowded of tha capital city Jakarta or other city around.
The natural environment which keeps the ecosystem. combination between natural forest and sea, offers a special marine natural atmosphere. Any kind of recreation activities have been provided for a whole day.
Bidadari Island is the Angel itself
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Enjoy Jakarta

Indonesia National Monument - Jakarta Indonesia National Monument - Jakarta
Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia, and the first biggest city in Indonesia. Jakarta also the center of economic, cultural and politic. Moreover, Jakarta is the most populous city in Indonesia and in Southeast Asia and also 12-largest city in the world. As mentioned as Metropolitan city together with JABODETABEK [Jakarta, Bogor,Tangerang,Bekasi] it become the second largest in the world.
There is a very long history mentioned about Jakarta together with the journey independent Indonesia toward the colonialism. Jakarta in the past was named as various label, on 397-1527 was Sunda Kelapa, on 1527-1619 was Jayakarta, 1619-1942 was Batavia, on 1942-1972 was Djakarta, until present day it become Jakarta.
Jakarta is kind of Mestizo, or a cultural diversity among all over ethnic and culture that mixture into one big bowl. The ethnics that live in Jakarta are various like Javanese, Sundanese, Minang, Batak, Bugis. Also, there are some ethnic like, Arabic, Tionghoa, Portuguese and India.
The indigenous people of Jakarta is Betawi people, but nowadays Betawi is become more minor for there are many ethnic visitors who come to Jakarta. Most Betawi people are usually live on Banten or some part of West Java. Hence, the government make it one place to gather the Betawi people in Cultural Conservation in Situ Babakan.
As a capital city, Bahasa is the main language to be spoken in everyday life. But, there are some dialects that following Bahasa, like dialect Betawi, Sundanese and some dialect from other ethnic like Minang, Batak, Bugis and others. In addition, the Jakarta teenagers nowadays usually spoke in Bahasa Gaul or Slang words. It become more popular for them to mix the Indonesian language and English. Even more, there is a dictionary for slang word to be spoke by some group of people or teenagers.
As a big city, Jakarta has become a modern city with high cost of living and very crowd. That is why, to complete the needs, government is already facilitating every aspect to fill the people needs. Many things like entertainment, education, business opportunity can be find in Jakarta.
Jakarta tourism attraction can be found in every corner of Jakarta itself. For more detail:
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Rabu, 28 September 2011

Iran: Google+ Berbahaya

Kepala bagian unit internet Kementrian Budaya dan Hidayah Islam Iran menyatakan bahwa Goggle+ adalah jejaring sosial paling berbahaya bagi warga Iran.
lebih banyak »
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